I believe in truth.

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I believe in truth.

Truth is Difficult · Difficult to attain, and difficult to deliver. Truth is difficult to attain because the world is complicated; the further you go, along the paths of Physics or Economics or Logic, the weirder it gets.

Here is a list of important things where our grasp of the truth is not firm enough to make reliable predictions: inflation, unemployment, stock prices, love, acoustics, influenza, and speciation.

The truth would be hard enough to see even if other people weren’t routinely trying to hide it. Politicians, businessmen, lovers, siblings, and professional colleagues routinely tell us things that are not true. Untruths become lies when spoken knowingly.

Unwilful untruth is just ignorance and is to be overcome, like a river in one’s path or a sore muscle. Wilful untruth is the telling of lies; it should be fought with passion and without mercy, ripped flesh from bones and left to rot in the cold light of day.

Since first reading this I have referred to it over and over again.

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To Win, Create What’s Scarce

November 26, 2010 Comments Off on To Win, Create What’s Scarce

Marketers like to work on the demand side—take what’s in demand, make it cheaper, run a lot of ads, make a profit. If you can increase demand for what you already make, a lot of problems take care of themselves. It’s the promise of the typical marketing organization: Give us money, and we’ll increase demand.

There’s an overlooked alternative, though. If you can offer a scarce and coveted good or service that others can’t, you win. What is both scarce and in demand? Things that are difficult: difficult to conceive, to convey, to make. Sometimes difficult even, at first, to sell—maybe an unpopular idea or a product that’s ahead of its time. In fact, just about the only thing that is not available in unlimited supply in an ever more efficient, connected world is the product of difficult work.

Column: To Win, Create What’s Scarce – Harvard Business Review

We treat things with respect

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Metal and digital are in our blood. We learned to make books the old-fashioned way: one letter at a time. We also know how to turn on a computer. Because we’ve had our fingers and faces in the nitty gritty of metal type, we know that letters aren’t just pictures of things. They are things. We treat things with respect.

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Ask yourself what makes you come alive…

November 8, 2010 Comments Off on Ask yourself what makes you come alive…

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who are alive.

Howard Thurman

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How to Really Begin Adding Value

November 6, 2010 Comments Off on How to Really Begin Adding Value

Living a life of integrity and value is the only way to truly feel good about yourself.

How to Really Begin Adding Value – by Dumb Little Man

Logos aren’t key anymore

October 22, 2010 Comments Off on Logos aren’t key anymore

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Today, people are more interested in what a brand can do for them. Great brands are discovering that logos or advertisements are losing relevance, and instead put their efforts into creating social brand platforms that invite participation and create value in authentic and relevant ways.

The Real Lesson of the Gap Debacle: Logos Aren’t Key Anymore | Co.Design

One Lovely Drawing

October 17, 2010 Comments Off on One Lovely Drawing

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In an era when the greatest demand for images seems to be CGI in movies, computer games and similar venues, I find it interesting that de Seve’s timeless powers of personal observation and old fashioned pencil drawing have become an essential building block for major animated movies such as the Ice Age trilogy or a Bug’s Life. He contributes the flavor to character designs which (so far) no computer has been able to emulate.


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