My Top 10 iPod Touch Apps (so far)

April 30, 2011 § 6 Comments


I’ve read about people abandoning their laptops and desktops after getting an iPad but I never expected that would happen to me when I got an iPod Touch.

Here is my set-up so far:

Bonus app:

  • Daily Tracker keeps track of things I do like walking, sleeping and tai chi and then exports that data to Google Docs.

§ 6 Responses to My Top 10 iPod Touch Apps (so far)

  • Shanon says:

    I like the Google App. Mainly because if you have 4G you can just click on the microphone in the Google search and talk instead of type for any searches you want to do. (or use the earphones with mic if you have the 3G).

    Dragon dictation also works great and saves the typing. (You can copy & paste the words into any app).

    GasBuddy is handy for the cheapest Gas Prices locally but particularly if you do some travelling.

    I also make use of TextPlus 4 for texting, skype and if you are signed up for Google Voice on your computer to make free long distance landline calls anywhere in US & Canada, the Talkatone app will allow you to do the same on the iTouch.

    One ap I paid for but have found totally worth it is “Paprika”($4.99). I have all my favorite recipes stored on it and therefore I can take them where ever I go. You can easily download any new recipes you find online or copy & paste a recipe to the app. If someone wants your recipe, it is there to email & share. Love it!

    Plus…I download audiobooks from our library to my iTouch and listen to books while riding my exercise bike or when we travel (through the FM Radio). Awesome!

    Yes, I LOVE my iPod Touch & I probably use it equally, if not more than my laptop.


  • Shanon says:

    Do you have the 4G? If so, JotNot is pretty cool for scanning docs etc. You can do the free & if you like it, go for the pro.

    • April Mains says:

      I do have the 4G iPod Touch. I will give JotNot a go too. I tried Genius Scan but it didn’t work so well. Thank you so much for all these good recommendations Shanon. I have also downloaded Lose It for keeping track of calories and RunKeeper for my walks.

  • Shanon says:

    Are you following @iPhoneinCanada and @AppStore? They often have great suggestions & keep you posted on new apps. Example: I downloaded Qik Plus (video app) which is new & free for limited time — as per iphoneinCanada. Haven’t played with it much though.

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