Temporary Standing Desk 4 Week Follow-up

January 12, 2011 Comments Off on Temporary Standing Desk 4 Week Follow-up

After 4 weeks using my temporary standing desk I am noticing improvements in my strength and focus. Now I’m not tired until 4-5 PM (a big improvement from being tired by noon).

Week 3: I felt my energy gaining and my back getting stronger but I didn’t have to spend any concentrated time doing work because of the holidays.

Week 4: Removed the plastic chair mat and was a lot more comfortable standing on carpet. I feel more focussed and am getting more done because I’m less tempted by feeds, Facebook or twitter when I’m standing. I’m also reaping the benefits of spending more time sketching and thinking (in a chair) before working on the computer. Keeping my head and neck at the correct angle is an ongoing challenge with progressive lenses.

Going forward: Now I want to begin searching for a more permanent and better-looking standing desk solution. I will also need a tall chair for times when I have long reading to do online as I don’t own a mobile device. I will use this advice to find the right height for my permanent standing desk.

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