Temporary Standing Desk 2 Week Follow-up

December 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

After two weeks using my Temporary Standing Desk I feel better and it takes more effort than I thought it would.

Week 1: I noticed a lot of positives. I felt more energetic, my hips were more open at tai chi, my posture improved, I slept better, and I didn’t need a sweater as often. I also became more aware of when I was just wasting time at the computer and started using that time to sketch and think.

Week 2: The second week was much harder than the first. My focus was poor and I made silly mistakes in my work as I rushed to finish it. My legs and feet ached and my shoulders and wrists hurt. I was often tired and even moved back to sitting for half a day but that felt even worse.

Going forward: I am going to try it for two more weeks and follow this advice on posture and energy in hopes of gaining strength and improving my concentration. Overall I feel better standing and it is a healthier choice than sitting. Another time I would take it in smaller bites—standing for an hour a day and then 2 hours a day and so on until I worked up to standing for a full day.

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