My Gmail Priority Inbox System

September 8, 2010 Comments Off on My Gmail Priority Inbox System

I gave Gmail’s new Priority Inbox feature a go for about a week but now I’ve gone back to using Gmail Labs Multiple Inboxes as it takes a lot less effort while making what’s important clear and available at a glance.

Priority Inbox seems unable to learn what is actually important even after a week of “training.” For example, no matter how many times I mark Facebook notifications as unimportant they still keep showing up in my Priority Inbox.

Using Multiple Inboxes, I star emails that require action and label emails I’m waiting for replies on or that require action Someday. Now when I look at my Gmail Inbox I can see exactly what I need to do or follow up on.

To create your own custom Priority Inbox system in Gmail Labs:

  1. enable Multiple Inboxes in Labs and save changesGmail - Settings -
  2. Go to Settings and a new header will appear called Multiple Inboxes. Input the searches you would like to appear under or beside the Inbox. I have mine set to is:starred, label:Waiting for, and label:Someday. Other possibilities could include from:yourboss or whatever else might be important for you. I star anything I need to do something about, and label anything else that needs my attention.Gmail - Settings -
  3. All mail is then archived and happily, my Inbox=0 most of the

Multiple Inboxes along with Filters to automatically label and skip the inbox for mailing list messages help keep Gmail uncluttered without burying any messages that really are important.

Updated 2010-09-09 09:52 AM: Today Gmail has stopped automatically marking Facebook bacn as Important.

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