Automator in the Morning

November 24, 2008 Comments Off on Automator in the Morning

Every morning I open the same applications and rather than type each of them into Spotlight or open them one at a time from the dock I made an [Automator][1] application to do this for me. Automator comes with OS X and it is easy to create your own:

1. Open Applications » Automator

2. Choose Custom in the splash screen that pops up


3. Type launch into the search box in Automator

4. Drag Launch Application into the working area on the right

5. Use the pull-down menu to select the application you want


6. Repeat for all the applications you want to launch together

7. File » Save As » Application

Now you can just type a few letters into Spotlight to get started every morning or place it in your dock if you’re a dock user.


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