Photo Sharing and Workflow

November 15, 2008 Comments Off on Photo Sharing and Workflow

Places on the internet where I share photos:

  • flickr: good community

  • Picasa: larger images and unlimited number of albums

  • momentile: Alpha only (not fully open to public yet).

A momentile consists of a single image, defined only by the date it was published. That’s it. Void of explanation and free from context, a momentile is pure visual communication.

My current (beginner) work flow:

  • iPhoto: straightening, cropping and sometimes colour correction

  • Apple Preview: sizing and emailing

  • GIMP: more involved image manipulation, colour balancing and retouching


  • Culling and tagging photos so that I can find them more easily

  • Learning to control my imagery even more

  • Start a photographer’s journal


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