Blog Redesign: Some Blog Designs I Like

November 12, 2008 Comments Off on Blog Redesign: Some Blog Designs I Like

WordPress themes:

Die Neue Typographie: The New Typography a tribute to Jan Tschichold

Writing For Designers based on Veryplaintxt by Scott Wallick

Other designs:

Subtraction by Khoi Vinh

Daring Fireball by John Gruber

These are all more Minimalist than my previous sketches. Perhaps as Twyla Tharp said:

The tricky part about scratching, however, is that you can’t stop with
one idea. Henry James said that genius is the act of perceiving
similarity among disparate things. In the empty room you’re trying to
connect the dots, linking A to B to C to maybe come up with H.
Scratching is a means of identifying A, and if you can get to A, you’ve
got a grip on the slippery rock wall. You’ve got purchase. You can move
on to B, which is mandatory. You cannot stop with one idea. You don’t
really have a workable idea until you combine two ideas.


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