Blog Redesign: Concrete, Abstract and Emotional Aspects

November 7, 2008 Comments Off on Blog Redesign: Concrete, Abstract and Emotional Aspects

Here is a list of some of the ideas from yesterday:

* Work Environment and things that are used (concrete):

* working – coffee cup, paper and mouse
* computer picture
* art tools: paper, pencil jar etc
* print background: press sheets, loupe, pantone swatches (experience), spec-ing type
* photographic equipment and tools (seeing and capturing) -> light?
* typography: metal, letterpress etc
* tools = eyes, brains, ears
* artsy collage type thing
* symbols and plans, wayfinding, signage, organization, clarity, blueprints
* Type overlays photos etc (multi-layered, messy)
* textures

* Design is (ways to define it – abstract):

* multiple A’s (typography, many ways of presenting things, thinking about them)
* different ways of seeing: glasses, microscopes, telescope, magnifying glass, digital, analog, insight, big picture/little picture (fractal?)
* targets, goals, strategies, aim
* connection (of minds); communication, transmission of ideas
* concepts: diagrams, graphs, maps, drilling down to the heart of the matter
* more on diagrams, abstracts, visual representation of non-create things like ideas
* gears/machinery: design as a cog in overall business plan

* What design does (movement, emotional):

* patterns: morphing, transformation, nothing to something, sketch to final?
* simplicity, road, journey, prairie ref sinclair
* life, energy, mark making, scribbles forming an image (how I draw)
* urban sketches/story-telling (design is story-telling)
* perspective, urban, architecture, escher, surprising
* focus (broad to narrow)

Most designs can, IMHO, be broken down into these 3 aspects. Good designs incorporate all 3.

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