Blog Redesign: Background and Brainstorming

November 6, 2008 Comments Off on Blog Redesign: Background and Brainstorming

This blog post is just for me as I had great fun this morning dusting off and limbering up my old, slightly rusty, design skills. Its been 8 years since I worked as an Art Director/Graphic Designer and I felt the urge to give it a go. Perhaps after Tuesday, I simply felt the need to make a change (is that Obama I hear?).

Blogging about something creative during the process of creating it is risky and sub-optimal. One should finish it and then go back and write about it in a step-by-step fashion so as to give the impression that creativity is understandable and logical—especially in public. In hindsight, creativity generally is logical and understandable, however, the process is the exciting part. With that in mind and in the spirit of change I am going to blog my process—including all the messy bits.


When I started this blog three and a half years ago, I made up the word Arteliance to combine the elements of art and design with experience and reliability. I also promised not to get bogged down by constantly redesigning it and simply loaded the default Kubrick template and stuck with it.

My concept of this being primarily a blog about art and design hasn’t changed and I have no desire to “monetize”, “commoditize” or “target” anything or anyone. Thus, the overall strategy is simply to provide an interesting and readable format for a diverse subject matter while at the same time sharpening up my design thinking skills.

That said, I still need a visual for what Arteliance is about and for the design that will best facilitate and communicate that.


Below are a couple of pages from my sketchbook containing quick thumbnails of the things I am thinking about. The process here is to get as many ideas as possible down quickly without judging or discarding any of them and then later identify some that are worth developing further. In this process, I am defining some options for things I might want to communicate and include as part of defining what this blog is about.


The next step will be to develop some of these thoughts further and begin to narrow them down.

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