NaBloPoMo 2008 – Done!

November 30, 2008 Comments Off on NaBloPoMo 2008 – Done!

As Eden asked:

Have you managed to post something thought-provoking every day, or do you feel like you clogged up the Internet with less-than-satisfying content for the sake of endurance?

50/50: I wrote more of my own stuff this year (about half the time, and that is a big deal for me) but also filled in with link posts half the time.

What I learned: Writing every day is a good idea. Posting every day, not so much.


RGB Conversion Samples in GIMP

November 29, 2008 Comments Off on RGB Conversion Samples in GIMP

Opening a file in GIMP requires one to define the RGB working space for that image. The choices are to keep the embedded profile or convert to whatever option you have defined in your preferences. recommends using sRGB but my preference is for Adobe 1998. Of course none of these really mean that much without printed output but it is interesting to see the subtle display differences.

Comparison of RGB profiles

Bonus tip: When calibrating your monitor take off your glasses if you have lenses with anti-reflective coating as they make everything appear slightly green and you might set your display too magenta with them on.

How to install Script-Fu scripts for GIMP in OS 10.5

November 28, 2008 Comments Off on How to install Script-Fu scripts for GIMP in OS 10.5

1. Download the scripts you want to install (.scm files)
2. Put them into Home » Library » Application Support » Gimp » scripts (may have to create the scripts folder)
3. In GIMP: Filters » Script-Fu » Refresh Scripts

Spark CBC Radio One

November 27, 2008 Comments Off on Spark CBC Radio One

Spark | CBC Radio

Okay I must be the last person on the planet to figure these things out… just subscribe in iTunes and then remember to open iTunes and listen. Sheesh.

via: BPLUSD: 11 Stories about Canadian Design.

Cold Rainy Morning

November 26, 2008 Comments Off on Cold Rainy Morning

cold rainy morning


November 25, 2008 Comments Off on Blogmarks

Blogging at a Snail’s Pace –

Ms. Ganley, the blogger in Vermont, has a slogan that encapsulates the trend: “Blog to reflect, Tweet to connect.” Blogging, she said, “is that slow place.”

Sometimes I long to be good at reflection and find exactly the right words… But, alas, I am more likely to find just the right code for an ellipsis (`…`).

Automator in the Morning

November 24, 2008 Comments Off on Automator in the Morning

Every morning I open the same applications and rather than type each of them into Spotlight or open them one at a time from the dock I made an [Automator][1] application to do this for me. Automator comes with OS X and it is easy to create your own:

1. Open Applications » Automator

2. Choose Custom in the splash screen that pops up


3. Type launch into the search box in Automator

4. Drag Launch Application into the working area on the right

5. Use the pull-down menu to select the application you want


6. Repeat for all the applications you want to launch together

7. File » Save As » Application

Now you can just type a few letters into Spotlight to get started every morning or place it in your dock if you’re a dock user.


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