CKUA Radio Network: 80 Years

November 23, 2007 Comments Off on CKUA Radio Network: 80 Years

CKUA Radio Network

The CKUA Radio Network was founded in 1927 on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton. CKUA is Canada’s first educational broadcaster and Canada’s first public broadcaster.

Since its inception, CKUA has grown from a one room, low wattage radio station staffed by exceptionally dedicated amateur radio enthusiasts, into a full fledged radio and Internet broadcast network staffed by world class broadcast and business professionals.

CKUA has evolved from a government of Alberta operation to a public not-for-profit foundation, with a limited commercial license. CKUA currently enjoys over 160,000 weekly listeners and is financially supported by listener donations, program sponsorships, subscriptions, and through corporate partnership.

… On February 29, 1996 CKUA became the first radio station in Canada to go online, carrying its entertaining message of life long learning to people everywhere.

CKUA is also a supporter of the Medicine Hat Folk Club Tongue on the Post Folk Fest.


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