Stuff That Should be Easy – tv remotes

November 19, 2007 Comments Off on Stuff That Should be Easy – tv remotes

Core77’s Hack-2-School Guide: Classroom

To be a better design researcher, hone your ability to observe the world around you. Keep a regular log that you add to at least weekly (daily would be ideal). Document the strange, the curious, the weird, the awesome and the funny. Learn to keep a close eye on the artifacts, signs, designs, behaviors, products and experiences that you encounter in your everyday life.

Today’s observation: The controls on my mom’s television. I was away for the weekend and when I got home her tv remote and the digital cable box no longer functioned together and the solution had her flummoxed. It was just a matter of turning the tv on and pushing the cable button and then turning the digital box on – why isn’t that easier to figure out?

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