Canadian Book Pricing

November 17, 2007 Comments Off on Canadian Book Pricing

Some links on Canadian book pricing since our dollar reached parity:

  • Canadians are Getting Fleeced by Their Own Dollar

    … that book I very recently purchased (for which there was no price adjustment), reflects a Canadian dollar value of $0.68. The last time the Canadian dollar was at that value was in 2003.

  • Parity puts book prices under the microscope

    And the consumer hasn’t liked what he’s been seeing. His ire has focused on the discrepancy between what a Canadian pays for an imported, American-made book in this country and what an American consumer pays for that same title, with the two different prices printed right there on the book flap for all to see.

And an interesting perspective from the CBC’s Neil MacDonald on why prices aren’t going down.

  • The catered life of the American consumer

    Canada might be technologically advanced and well educated, and a nation with its public finances in apple-pie order, but even in our free-trading, globalized world, Canadian consumers are a second-class citizenry.

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