Essential OS X FreeWare and DonationWare (my list so far)

November 13, 2007 Comments Off on Essential OS X FreeWare and DonationWare (my list so far)

Since getting my new iMac over a month ago I have been downloading and installing every new piece of donationware I see. So far, some of the “keepers” are:

  • AppDelete Most of the software I download gets deleted and this does a pretty good job of it.
  • Cyberduck Set the timeout to 60 sec. to get it to work with the site I update every month
  • Firefox ‘natch
  • Gimp Not Photoshop but so far surprisingly capable
  • Growl May just be distracting
  • iGTD Started using iGTD this week and its been really effective so far
  • MacJournal261 its a toss up between this one and Journler right now – Journler has a lot more features but MacJournal is effective and simple
  • NeoOffice all I need for an “Office” type program at the moment
  • NetNewsWire Lite I used to use Bloglines all the time but lately it has been giving me the same posts over and over and over again so I’ve been using Google Reader a lot after using NNW for nearly a month. Yesterday I downloaded the latest NNW Lite version and am giving it another go
  • Quicksilver This is probably the first thing every new mac user should download and learn to use – amazing.
  • Snitter I am torn between this and the free (ad-supported) version of Twitterific right now. Twitterific is prettier but I like the larger text entry area of Snitter
  • TextWrangler Using this until I upgrade my old BBEdit license (which, btw, Bare Bones was very helpful in finding for me and isn’t expensive) along with scripts from VormPlus Webtools
  • Thunderbird Email has been probably the most disappointing aspect of my leap to OS X (Tiger). I looked at Apple Mail of course as well as Eudora/Penelope which was disappointing as I’d used Eudora on OS 9 but the icons in this version are just too ugly. I think what I really want is something that looks like Mailsmith in Classic and also displays the HTML emails my friends send me while filing eveything in a completely predictable way. When Gmail came out with IMAP Access, Thunderbird won. Add-ons: Quicktext

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