Web Journey: 07.11.07

November 7, 2007 Comments Off on Web Journey: 07.11.07

This morning started out with a simple question: What are the font variants after some of the font names in Font Book on Tiger e.g. Lucida Grande CY and CE? This led me on a fascinating journey through the  Apple  Human Interface Guidelines; onto a sort of strange but complete and nicely designed listing of resources by Luc Devroye; then naturally the Mac OS X 10.4: Fonts list; and perhaps most inspiring, a simple and informative discussion of the entire Lucida family of harmonized typefaces from the font designers themselves, Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes Notes on Lucida designs; and finally, a sidetrack onto the code style font sampler. The web can be like that sometimes – taking one on unexpected and fascinating adventures.

Fascinating material and a lot to think about the next time you’re reading a web page. BTW, CY is a font that contains Cyrillic characters for Eastern European Slavic languages.

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