Kevin Cornell Dissects his Process

March 20, 2006 Comments Off on Kevin Cornell Dissects his Process

Kevin Cornell writes about his process creating illustrations for A List Apart.

1. The Message
Generally speaking, the process for any illustration begins with
determining just what the image is supposed to communicate.

2. The Concept
I believe the concept is the most important part of any illustration; or
any artistic endeavor, for that matter. Artistic styles go in and out of
fashion quick as a rabbit on rockets; the best way to ensure an
illustration remains relevant long after its style grows stale is to make
sure it’s based on a relevant idea.

  • jot down as many illustration ideas as possible
  • take the loose visual list and sort out the best ideas.

3. The Rough
The Rough Phase requires versatility. I produce my roughs with a pencil
because it’s quick, easy to make changes with, and able to get across all
the important virtues of the final art — tone, contrast, form, and

4. Final Art

“Dissecting The Process” – A classic Bearskinrug Article.

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