New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

January 4, 2006 Comments Off on New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

I started this blog without a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it. The challenge I set for myself was simply to post rather than to constantly redesign it.

The clearest vision might be to post my own artwork but I find myself posting links to things I want to remember and to things I find important or interesting. These things include design (I worked as a designer and art director in Calgary for 15 years), other artist’s perspectives, and various web applications that I use on a daily or weekly basis.

As I stick with this blog over time, I am learning that it can be much more than a personal bookmarking tool, it can be a place for:

  • sharing ideas and doing it with authenticity and learning about myself and others in the process.
  • sharing my own experiences with AML and a bone marrow transplant.
  • sharing my artwork.

With these things in mind, I’d like to make the following New Year’s blog resolutions:

  • post biographical information (my resume and portfolios) to facilitate contact and trust.
  • posting of more Bone Marrow Transplant information to help others who are considering or going through that process (may be contained in a different blog and keep this one more focussed on art and design).
  • posting more including doing and posting more artwork

And, finally, because I can’t resist:

  • redesign with an emphasis on typography to support the visual information and the process of communication.

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