Life Drawing 06.01.17

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Life Drawing, 06.01.17

Life Drawing, 06.01.17, conté on paper, 14 X 22 in.


The other night one of my fellow life drawing students asked me about learning to draw. I suggested she get some figure drawing books from the library. She replied that she had read lots of books and they don’t seem to help. I told her, “Don’t read them. Draw the pictures.” In my experience, this teaches the hand and eye structure, anatomy, and proportion. The only way to learn to draw is to practice. I should also have mentioned that practice continues for the rest of one’s life.


Life Drawing 06.01.10

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Wedding Dress, 06.01.10

Wedding Dress, 06.01.10, oil stick on paper, 18 X 20 in.


Last night’s life drawing and a quotation I like about life drawing:

The human figure has played a huge role in art this century, perhaps more
so now than ever before. While video and electronic processes may seem
radically distant from ‘traditional’ art, they are simply tools, and much
of the art being produced by young artists today has as its subject the
same preoccupation that art has always addressed: the human being and what
it is to be one. How to Draw The Human Figure: A Complete Guide, John
Raynes and Jody Raynes

Excerpts from The Naked Truth: A Working Woman’s Manifesto on Business and What Really Matters, Margaret Heffernan

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Start smart. Plans keep your career moving on your terms—not anyone

Pay, promotion, recognition all depend on tactics like journaling,
reinforcing each other at meetings, teaching ourselves to negotiate, and
underlining our achievements through memos, reports, and even
idiosyncratic gestures.

It’s really important to recognize that insulting/ degrading/ ridiculous
comments aren’t about you—they’re about the person saying them.
Don’t take the remarks personally but do take them seriously because you
need to learn what’s really going on.

Being true to yourself, having the nerve and the self-knowledge to
cut through the mythologies, is the only way ahead for women—and for

Skills are the absolute prerequisite of confidence. Because skills can be
acquired, confidence can be acquired—but both must be worked at over

Everyone needs things from meeting, negotiations, or relationships. You
are more powerful when you understand what these needs are. For some it
may be clarity, reassurance, details; for others, it may be new ideas,
speed, raw data. Power accrues by understanding those needs and deciding
how you want to address them.

…you get power by giving it, your company becomes powerful by

I am struck that the most satisfied women I talk to place fairness,
equality, at the heart of what they do. Their private lives are defined by
mutual support, respect—and patience.

We want lives that are integrated and consistent—in which we
undertake different responsibilities but with consistent, coherent, and
substantial values.

…women are the true trailblazers in business today. Headcounts and
salaries may be one benchmark—but, increasingly, we measure our
success not in how well we play the game but in how profoundly we change

As I watch women leave traditional business structures and as I watch them
flourish, I see the beginnings of our parallel business universe arising.
It’s one in which companies work differently and in which lives are lived
honestly—a world of work in which lives are integrated, not

We are smart, determined, pragmatic, and disciplined. We have high
standards, for ourselves and everyone we work with. We refuse to accept
that business must be dishonest and dehumanizing.

What I see all around me are millions of women inventing and discovering
ways of working that are direct, fair, honest, and that earn them respect
for who they are.

I came across this informative and useful book via:

Good ideas take a lot of work and critical thinking

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Designers solve problems. Where style is concerned with aesthetics, as they
relate to a particular cultural context, design treats this as a secondary
concern. Design can be beautiful, ugly, or banal—it doesn’t matter.
Aesthetics are simply a device that designers use to deliver the message
and concept. It is secondary. Style is fun. There’s nothing wrong with it,
but it’s a good few steps removed from design.

To truly solve problems, we have to look at a situation closely, and
personally. We can’t just apply new, fashionable, treatments. Instead, we
must explore, fight, and get messy, in order to find appropriate and
powerful solutions. Put simply, we have to think.…

Style is generally pretty achievable, but good ideas take a lot of work and
critical thinking.

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New Year’s Blogging Resolutions

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I started this blog without a clear vision of what I wanted to do with it. The challenge I set for myself was simply to post rather than to constantly redesign it.

The clearest vision might be to post my own artwork but I find myself posting links to things I want to remember and to things I find important or interesting. These things include design (I worked as a designer and art director in Calgary for 15 years), other artist’s perspectives, and various web applications that I use on a daily or weekly basis.

As I stick with this blog over time, I am learning that it can be much more than a personal bookmarking tool, it can be a place for:

  • sharing ideas and doing it with authenticity and learning about myself and others in the process.
  • sharing my own experiences with AML and a bone marrow transplant.
  • sharing my artwork.

With these things in mind, I’d like to make the following New Year’s blog resolutions:

  • post biographical information (my resume and portfolios) to facilitate contact and trust.
  • posting of more Bone Marrow Transplant information to help others who are considering or going through that process (may be contained in a different blog and keep this one more focussed on art and design).
  • posting more including doing and posting more artwork

And, finally, because I can’t resist:

  • redesign with an emphasis on typography to support the visual information and the process of communication.

EDM Challenge #47: My Medicine Box

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My Medicine Box, 06.01.03


Last week’s challenge was to draw a challenge from the past year that you didn’t try before. I don’t actually have a medicine cabinet so I drew my “medicine box” which, thankfully, is nearly empty now.

Happy New Year!

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