My (d)Evolution as a Blogger

December 27, 2005 Comments Off on My (d)Evolution as a Blogger

  1. Discover blogs.
  2. Get a Bloglines account.
  3. Subscribe to 300+ blogs.
  4. Discover Furl.
  5. Furl everything.
  6. Open a Blogger account but constantly redesign it without writing any content.
  7. Abandon blog.
  8. Repeat three times.
  9. Open a Blogsome account. Use a standard template to see if I can generate content without constantly redesigning it.
  10. Start writing:
    1. Lists of links.
    2. My own sketches and drawings.
    3. Some actual things I wrote or liked.
    4. About being a blogger.
  11. Find myself writing longhand using Markdown.
  12. Start to wonder if I should start more blogs to focus on different areas of interest?
  13. Consider taking Panexa instead. ;) (link via: Signal vs. Noise).

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