Why Designers Can Think

December 24, 2005 Comments Off on Why Designers Can Think

What do designers need to know anyway? In the digital
world, changes come too fast for that question to be
answered specifically. We may get further by asking
instead: What do designers feel an irresistible urge to

Men and women, boys and girls, gravitate to design for any
number of reasons; but common to all of them is the itch
to make something—a picture, an artifact, a plan. That
itch is satisfied by drawing, carving, shaping,
molding—somehow using the hand to realize a concept in the

If designers are more cerebral than expected, it may be
because designing is more cerebral than expected. In an
age when digital no longer refers to fingers, the work of
the designer is no longer hands-on. That regrettable
circumstance becomes truly deplorable with the realization
that hands-on is never all that far from heads-on.

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