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Format is:

(using the subscribe to email groups page and entering the url of just the group doesn’t seem to work in Bloglines right now)


Learning Styles

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[Learning Styles](

My results:

Looks like when my parents said, “In one ear and out the other,” it was probably true.

Via: [TiKouka](

Saskatchewan Quotations

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Saskatchewan Quotations – Celebrating the Centennial – CANADIAN HISTORY NEWS

HIWAY #3 Connections

June 12, 2005 Comments Off on HIWAY #3 Connections

Sarah, 05.04.26

Sarah, 05.04.26, graphite on paper, 12 X 20 in. Enlarge

HIWAY #3 Connections

An exhibition of life drawings, paintings and sculptures from the “Group With No Name” (Lethbridge) and the “Hat Art Club Life Drawing Group” (Medicine Hat).

This is one of two pieces selected for this year’s show.

Top Links Last Week (May 31 – June 6, 2005)

June 7, 2005 Comments Off on Top Links Last Week (May 31 – June 6, 2005)

Based on number of views from My Furl Archive:

  1. Content with Style: A CSS Framework
    template for layouts 19 views
  2. Commentary – Culture in the Age of Blogging
    excellent and thorough essay on the arts in news media 9 views
  3. Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground: Six Great Ways to Unmuddle Your Writing 8 views
  4. How to Talk to an Artist 6 views
  5. Links and Power: The Political Economy of Linking on the Web 5 views
  6. Pretty Pink Ponies Edition… » Secrets of WP Theming: Part 1 5 views

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