Alberta’s Unsung Heroines

May 23, 2005 Comments Off on Alberta’s Unsung Heroines

Alberta’s Unsung Heroines Paintings by Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski & Bogdan Koral-Konikowski

Jadwiga Pierzchajlo (oil on canvas 2004)

A Centennial Exhibition of oil paintings and mixed media works celebrating Alberta’s women.

May 4 – 27, 2005 Cultural Centre Gallery Medicine Hat, Alberta

We all know one or two. The helpful ones – the ones who give of themselves to make the lives of others better. And they do it not for the glory or the recognition but because of who they are and the societal values that are strong within them. They are the Unsung Heroines. These twelve women have exhibited courage, strength, determination, and compassion to all who are around them. They have given much to the world we live in. They have been the front line in supporting people in need. …This exhibit is but representative of all our Unsung Heroines and in a very small way says thank you.

There is an interesting show on now at the Cultural Centre Gallery. It is a series of powerful and direct portraits of Albertan women. The women are a diverse mix of cultural backgrounds, ages and stages of life. Each woman is depicted in 3 pieces: 1. oil portrait, 2. mixed media collage, and 3. the woman’s story on a page beneath the portrait. The portraits are well executed and the life stories of the women are full and fascinating.

Each subject is on a black background looking directly at the viewer effectively communicating their courage and strength. The portraits aren’t idealized “magazine” women – they are real and detailed and full of life and character.

Alberta’s Unsung Heroines also taught me about selecting subject matter and developing themes for gallery shows that include life drawing.


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