Top Ten Links Last Week

April 19, 2005 Comments Off on Top Ten Links Last Week

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  1. Quick Online Tips: Free Essential Tools for Blogger
  2. Library Journal – The Ethical Blogger
  3. How to Spell the Alphabet
  4. tecosystems: How to Get Into Blogs, 101 Good introduction to Bloglines
  5. What Makes a Painting a Painting?
  6. A perfect climate for painting to triumph

    The popularity of painting often coincides with boom periods of art buying – the last time people spoke of painting as being “big”, for instance, was during the 1980s. New collectors, in particular, attracted to a buoyant art market, tend to go for paintings. Their ease of display, combined with their historical legacy and their aura of originality and uniqueness, means that paintings are unrivalled not as works of art, but as commodities. Perhaps the best way to view the current status of painting, then, is not so much as an artistic phenomenon, but as an economic one.

  7. Kelly Mark: Drawing – Graphite Drawing Series
  8. An Artist’s Perspective on Visual Literacy

    No matter how manipulated a photograph is in the darkroom or on the computer, it does not have the same weight and feeling of a drawing or painting, nor should it.

  9. AIGA – The Re-Skilling of the American Art Student
  10. TCS: Tech Central Station – Science, Pseudo-Science, and Architecture

    As for esthetic value, I would bet on the architect whose project reflects enduring human values in architecture.

And my personal favourite: IT Conversations: Malcolm Gladwell – SXSW Interactive 2005

Malcolm Gladwell is the author Blink and The Tipping Point. Fascinating, often anecdotal, podcast about snap decisions and how to change the environment to improve decision making.

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