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You ever order soup at a restaurant and get a bowl that’s mostly broth?

The problem is the register at the restaurant is four-hundred bucks under what it was the day before, and everyone is running around screaming “No one wants to buy our soup!” Then they start looking for different ways to…


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Link: » GO SEE-NEW YORK: ALBERTO GIACOMETTI “IN GIACOMETTI’S STUDIO” at Eykyn Maclean through December 18, 2010 – AO Art Observed™

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While I was studying Visual Communications one of my instructors suggested I try drawing like Giacometti. I studied his work and a whole new way of seeing and expressing what I saw opened up for me. I have drawn like that with some success ever since.

Ideas Are Cheap – Typo Apparel

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Ideas are Cheap. Art takes work.

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mitch goldstein // mfa » Blog Archive » Type landscapes

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I love how these combine my two greatest loves: typography and drawing.

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via @theorosendorf

Re-nourish | Design Sustainably

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Something to think about.

How to talk to marketing people

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How to talk to marketing people

For a geek like myself, this explains everything.

Pentagram’s Paula Scher On Drawing With Type | Art | Wallpaper* Magazine

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Link: Pentagram’s Paula Scher On Drawing With Type | Art | Wallpaper* Magazine

A couple of things I love about this short 7 min. video. How she describes her process as taking 1 second and 34 years and how she misses the old days of hand done comps, press down type and using one’s hands instead of the computer. I miss those days too. The days when design was a craft and one learned typography by drawing the letters.

James Victore: Don’t Be A Design Zombie :: Articles :: The 99 Percent

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Link: James Victore: Don’t Be A Design Zombie :: Articles :: The 99 Percent

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And it’s fast, right? We’re obsessed
with efficiency, and sometimes we
forget how much faster drawing is.

My third students [at SVA] aren’t
allowed to use computers. It really
frustrates them because they don’t
know how to use their hands. But I say
listen, I know how much time it takes
to boot up a computer, and open
InDesign, and you get a box, and you
type a letter in it. And you make it
this big. Then you make it this big.
Then you make it this big. Then you
make it this big. Then you move it
over here. Then you make it red. Then
you make it this big. And it’s like:
You’re not designing! You’re
organizing. That’s easy. Worry about
that later.

Project triangle

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